Client Testimonials

"Mary Daugherty represented me in my petition for a permanent protection order. She was thorough, caring, and competent. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!"


- Courtney

   on Avvo, April 2018


"Mary Daugherty is a wonderful lawyer, i would like this courageous, firm, dedicated, caring and focus young woman to have some merit for all of her hard work.

in my case, I'm a immigrant, she was compassionate, nonjudgmental, committed and caring and she took care of my petition from day one until my case was resolved.

She also help me, getting with my child custody case in order

She truly will stand by you.

Thank you Mary and God bless you

In this delicate time, It's a blessing to know that us immigrant have you in our side"


- Marianna S.

   on Google, February 2018


"My experience of having Mary Daugherty work on my case, brought ease knowing that I had someone working with me. She helped by keeping me informed and giving me her opinion on what would be best. I would recommend her to anyone looking for any immigration help or civil matters. Thank you so much!"


- Fernando

   on, January 2018



"Mary is absolutely stellar in her job
Some jobs are a subject to true vocation and must only be occupied by people of pure heart, consise intentions and strong mind. Mary is all of the mentioned. Her wholesome, strong, clever approach to the case and personable and kind attitude towards me as a client made all the difference in choosing her over anybody else to represent my tricky case of protection order. She is very well versed in law of multiple categories as well that I needed an advise in. What a luck to have come across her."


- Katherine S.

   on Avvo, December 2018